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"More than any other artist, Payson’s music resembles Paul Simon, and in all the best ways. There is some similarity in the voice, and especially in his worldly and spirited guitar play, but more than anything, he shares Simon’s lyrical gifts and his penchant for well-worded wisdom". 

He is open and honest; he invites you to step into his world and have a seat. When the song ends, you want him to keep telling his tales about life. You sit forward hoping for even a small little nugget you may have missed. When all fails, you are forced to hit “Repeat.

 by Victor Alfieri

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                     will be the first to tell you, to classify his music proves to be elusive. He has often drawn comparisons to Paul Simon, but roots planted in Americana tend to peek through the sonic landscape. Managing to weave boldly honest lyrics into a poetic elegance, while creating timeless songs remains his passion. A fluid fingerpicking style plays to remnants of Folk, but from there the sound becomes his own. 

Payson has taken much time to arrive at his musical space, choosing to have the patience to learn from the journey. Past sojourns into World Music, Classical, and even Country have built subtle nuances that now adorn his current creations. He has fronted several bands over time in the indie alternative vein and played lead guitar in others. But ultimately, it has been an upbringing of experiences that all lead to finding his creative home.

Nearing completion of his upcoming album Upriver, to be released in 2021, Payson is eager for the journey to continue. The track "Against The Dark" is set to be the first single.